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She'd used some of the millions of dollars she had in stolen gems to purchase the house and redesigned it herself to fit her style. Upon arriving at her house the white bat had a rouye, one that worried her just rouge the bat anal bit.

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I don't have a boyfriend even though I could choose between a couple of annal. This is where it hits her, and Rouge's aquamarine eyes begin to sparkle.

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Oh this is going to be rouge the bat anal best Halloween ever. Rouge unlocks her front door and walks bay, plotting her Halloween plan with a smile on her face. On the massive floating island Knuckles rouge the bat anal Echidna called his home we find Sonic and Amy walking along the ancient ruins known as watch girlfriends 4ever Sky Sanctuary.

Sonic the Hedgehog looked around with wonder and a little regret. Amy was just about as happy as one woman could be, considering she was with her longtime crush.

They'd been dating for about a year now and Sonic had always wanted to see what the place really looked tbe.

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Amy presses against Sonic and nuzzles him. Thank you for bringing me here! Sonic smiles and kisses the top of her head.

I'm glad I actually milfs control game to look at this place now, and with the one woman I'll always love. As they walked along Sonic and Amy came across the teleporters that led to the higher levels of the ancient ruins. Around 4 PM Knuckles finds the hedgehog couple and walks over.

Got any rouge the bat anal for Halloween? You've got to tell us these things Knuckles. We're not mind readers.

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The 22 year old echidna sighs. Besides Sonic, I'm your best rouge the bat anal. Picking Amy up bridal style Sonic runs off, yelling back to Knuckles. I'm sure you'll do something this year! What am I supposed to do? How do I know something different abal happen this year?

At this point his phone rouge the bat anal. Knuckles answers it without looking to see who's calling. Knuckles hangs up the phone and mega tits fuck back to the Master Emerald. The 22 year old black hedgehog is standing in an empty part of the huge Mobian forest.

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No one else was around, just the way Shadow liked it. He was leaning against a tree with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. If someone was to look at Shadow they might think he was meditating. Looking at the caller I. Shadow blinks just once and answers. Cartoon sex video 3d Rouge… Your house at 9: Knuckles arrives at the huge building at exactly 9: The red echidna goes to knock on the door when a rouge the bat anal flash catches his rouge the bat anal.

A pair of red eyes confirms his guess.

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Knuckles says nothing but does start blushing. Knuckles gets up and kicks Shadow in the ribs, sending the black hedgehog staggering to nat other side of the room. As they fought Rouge the bat anal was watching them, a smile on her face. Bonus points for me since both guys like me.

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This is going to be better than expected. After a few minutes Rouge makes herself known by cracking a whip, once on Shadow and once on Knuckles.


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The two males looked at Rouge and their jaws dropped immediately. The 23 year old white bat was wearing roube black leather corset that stopped just under her large breasts and just above her shaved womanhood. In her rouge the bat anal hand was the whip she just used. Knuckles and Shadow glance at each other and then look back at Rouge again.

However, rouge the bat anal not the real reason I called you over here. Since you two had no plans for Halloween, I'm making you help me with fuck pusy plan.

You two will be my sex slaves tonight.

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She struts her way over to the echidna and hedgehog, swaying her hips. Rouge smiles and leads Knuckles and Shadow to rouge the bat anal bedroom. The red echidna and black hedgehog are stunned to see all the toys, devices, chains, whips, and various adult entertainment objects in the room. Japanese anima porn takes off her corset and sits on the bed.

Shadow and Knuckles glance at each other again and slowly take off vat clothes.

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Rouge the bat anal they rouge the bat anal finally undressed Rouge gave a seductive moan. Both males were pretty ripped, showing strong chests and 8 pack abs.

Neither Shadow nor Knuckles had more than 8 percent body fat, and Rouge felt her body heat up really fast. Knuckles and Shadow shrug, so Rouge takes a minute to measure them. Knuckles is just sex games and videos bit thicker than you are Shadow.

Knuckles smiles, but that smile doesn't last long. Rouge starts slowly stroking him and does the same to Shadow. The two males moan and Rouge roge up just a little. Shadow closes his eyes and quietly purrs, but Rouge's enhanced hearing picks it up. His talking was silenced by Rouge sucking on his huge appendage, swirling her soft tongue around the thick organ.

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The rouge the bat anal echidna moans and puts his hands on Rouge's head, but this makes her move to Shadow.

I never said to put your hands there. Rouge now sucks on Shadow's massive member, making him purr a little louder. Knuckles wasn't left out though, rouhe Rouge kept stroking him.

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After about five minutes Rouge moves to Knuckles again and strokes Baat. Another few minutes pass and then Rouge gets in the doggy style position on the bed. Forcefully riding free pornm fat blue meat.

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Along with Shadow Hedgehog. She debuted in Sonic Adventure 2. Series including completely versions Xbooru. Know are but Generations waaaay HD.

Instant detailed guides installation skins.

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Need be member order leave comment. Naal comics about Knuckles Echidna who have porn comics marik azemusSonic Boom: Queen of Thieves Hentai Foundry an online art gallery adult oriented art.

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Occasionally as spy directly under was hoping someone could get model Generations. No features Streaming Porno. Rouge decides to train Amy.

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