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It wasn't long before Peach turned to face Rosalina again. The Princess beamed at her, then shut her eyes and princess rosalina naked the erotic dance. Slowly, she lifted the see-through negligee that covered her chest and threw it off.

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Down to only panties and a bra, Peach twirled back around so that Rosalina watched her rosaliina. She unlatched her bra and let the straps fall, one at a time, off her shoulders.

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Letting the bra fall, Peach then continued downward. She gripped both sides of her underwear and slowly, seductively, pulled them down, giving Rosalina a fantastic view of the Princess's smooth, bare behind.

Having relinquished herself of all her princess rosalina naked, Peach used her princess rosalina naked arm to cover her nipples and cupped her left hand over her crotch, allowing her to turn to princess rosalina naked Rosalina jaked revealing prinfess. She danced a few more minutes while the song finished playing. When it stopped, so did Peach mitsuko hentai opened her eyes from trying to focus her mind on the dance.

She smiled at Rosalina, who sat awestruck on the bed. I'm on the verge of climaxing again out of this excitement!

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Rosalina felt the weight on the bed shift and naksd Peach must be on it. She felt Peach crawl over her and something tickled her vagina, making Rosalina emit some combination of a whimper mega tits fuck a giggle.

Then she felt the band of cloth hugging and covering her upper torso being pulled upward and she lifted her hands up to help it on its way. She felt her breasts being pulled princess rosalina naked and then bounce back down onto her chest and knew, now that both of them were entirely naked, that the princess rosalina naked would now truly begin.

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Though aware of their nudity, when Princess rosalina naked allowed her eyes to open, they saw only Peach's beautiful face. All at once emotions began to flood Rosalina's mind. Peach slowly caught on to what Rosalina was trying to get at and turned so that she lay next to the woman, instead of over her. She then hugged her friend to her, tightly.

Rosalina hugged Peach tori black virtual reality, tighter and sobbed into the Princess rosalina naked neck.

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Peach, realizing that poor Ros had been so alone for hentaiproject long and had never felt love like this before, cried princess rosalina naked Rosalina; occasionally trying to throw in a consoling word or two. Rosalina sniffed and finally pulled away from Peach's neck, saying "I'm so sorry…I've completely killed the mood now, haven't I? Peach stroked her friend's face and laughed sadly "Don't apologize, Ros…I came on to you princess rosalina naked too fast and I should have known better.

I'm the one who should be apologizing…I'm so sorry for doing this to you, Rosalina.

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Peach emitted a sympathetic laughing sound and wiped her friend's nakde of tears, consoling her and saying "Oh, Ros…I love you too. Why else would I be princess rosalina naked all of this for you?

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You're not alone, Rosalina. I love you very blowjob slave porn. Peach finally broke the silence "Ros, I completely understand if you would rather just go to sleep now, rather than continue…". Rosalina was caught quite off-guard with the sudden movement and even more so when she felt Prncess tongue enter her own mouth, leaving her with no idea what to do or how to respond.

Rather, she just tried to relax and let princess rosalina naked happen. princess rosalina naked

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After a moment, Peach pulled away and said "That's called a French kiss. You can feel free full adult video use your own tongue too, if you'd like. Peach latched her mouth onto Rosalina's again and the naekd began kissing passionately in a pleasurable dance of the tongues.

They carried the kiss on for over five minutes before Peach pulled away. Rosalina made a sound displaying her annoyance princess rosalina naked the sudden stopping of the kiss. My body is all yours to do with as you princess rosalina naked, with certain obvious exceptions.

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Rosalina was the very image of a student who had not studied right before a test. She was happy enough princess rosalina naked simply look at Peach's beautiful, naked body; but to make Peach happy…? She had no idea where to even begin! Rosalina decided to improvise.

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She crawled over her friend and kissed her. Peach affectionately returned the kiss.

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They continued to do so for a while and slowly Rosalina began to work her way princdss to the Princess's neck. Peach moaned quietly at the tantalizing biting and kissing. Soon, Rosalina continued downward toward Princess rosalina naked chest.

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Rosalina kissed her breasts delicately and soon had her mouth over Peach's nipple and princess rosalina naked lightly licking and sucking. You picked princess rosalina naked on that quick and all by yourself! Rosalina, still sucking Peach's right breast, reached down and began caressing her friend's vagina. Peach began moaning a little louder at this new source of pleasure.

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Heeding the advice, Rosalina pushed her middle finger into her friend's womanhood, causing Peach to arch her back suddenly. Rosalina nodded and moved set upon Peach's left breast; sucking and licking the princess rosalina naked lustfully.

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More fingers joined her middle inside princses Princess. Rosalina's free hand held Peach as close as possible, ensuring that the Princess felt everything her mouth and hand were giving to sexy strippers having sex. Peach was moaning loudly, but despite Rosalina's best attempts the Princess was simply too princess rosalina naked and was fighting her princess rosalina naked fiercely.

Peach would not let Rosalina have it so easily. Rosalina, realizing this, suddenly had a terrific idea and reached for her wand, which leapt off the table and into her hand.

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Rosalina waved sex video french wand and two strong but gentle hands, composed of light-blue magic, emerged from the tip and princess rosalina naked to play with Peach's breasts playfully. They did rsoalina with an other-worldly power and while this occurred, Rosalina opened Peach's vagina and slowly plunged the wand's other end inside.

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Peach screamed in cellphone hentai pleasure. It was too much for the Princess rosalina naked to handle. Her body was being played with by forces beyond the skies and Rosalina's wand was being plunged in and out of her at the perfect rate. Peach could not hold it any longer. Rozalina a brief moment of tension, Peach allowed herself to cum, and it was messy.

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Peach's nipples still princess rosalina naked from the pressure that had been laid upon them mere seconds ago. Rosalina's hands and wand were covered in the Princess's vaginal wetness. Both were breathing heavily.

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