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I have always interpreted it as "someone stupefied by books" which is closely related to the awkwardness of "nerd. John Cartoon porn series at sinosplice pointed this out. March 7, 9: One phrase of yours did hit right home however: I was such a nerd! Given other ways Pifou have been described, or, pitou rule 34, may have described myself, and looking at some of the definitions pitou rule 34 above of "nerd", "geek", and comparable words in other rulr, I am surprised that no one has yet asked: Correction to my entry of March 6, 9: March 7, The word literally means 'stupid person', and vortex00 patreon more like 'bah-boh'.

It does not seem to me a good substitute for "nerd," though its heavy, in colloqiual speech usage in Korean may overlap to some degree with porn playing of "nerd" in English.

With regard to the high-school context from which the word "nerd" derives in American English, I think Jonathan Pitou rule 34, in his comments above is very much on the right track. The nerds are the unpopular kids. What makes them unpopular? One of the best and most insightful things I've pitou rule 34 on the subject is an essay that Paul Graham put online about ten years ago: And in the interest of staying somewhat on-topic, here's a pittou translation of the Paul Graham essay: One of the things that impressed me about the Graham nerd essay is his focus on suburbia itself as part of the problem.

My high school experience was quite different. I went to an urban public school in New York City. In my school the social groups were almost entirely racial: But the main difference, I think was that in the Big City the kids' social world pitou rule 34 not solely made up of their school.

Kids formed a social persona not only in the school context, pitou rule 34 also in their neighborhoods.

34 pitou rule

School didn't seem clock-face furaffinity important, and hence the semi-savage school society had no reason to form. None of those terms suggested in the post and the comments is hermoine porn pitou rule 34 a translation of "nerd".

So, allow me to be the first "brick-thrower" for it's certainly a piece of brick and not a piece of jade: Jonathan Wells " while the nerds, the dreamers are the ones whose curiosity and intelligence, while not gaining them any points in the arena of high school dating, lead them on to pitou rule 34 more fascinating and rich lives than those who settle down more quickly.

In my old neighborhood, all the kids went to the nationally top-ranked local public high school. All the ones I knew pitou rule 34 10from different families, were lesson on passion, top students who didn't date. I don't think "unpopular" was the word They were just nonpopular.

They were in very small AP classes. I don't think the large majority of the class students paid any attention to them. And they were too busy with their high-school homework, which kept them up often past midnight.

As far as I could see they pitou rule 34 very camgirl hentai, well adjusted, and well-rounded tennis, swimming, etcmixing among themselves mostly.

They included Asians and Caucasians whitesone African-American not in the neighborhood. The top student among them was a Caucasian girl pitou rule 34 scores SAT who later majored in economics and Japanese and became a professional translator of Japanese. Pitou rule 34 happily married to a geek with two PhDs. All the others are doing very well and happy.

I don't think nerds or geeks if the words mean overly intellectual are necessarily teased or despised by their less-intellectual, more sociable, classmates in high school, Lois lane cartoon or American.

rule 34 pitou

They are just classified as such and basically ignored erotic mmo by the vast non-geek majority of their classmates. March 7, 1: In fact, I would have seen a school where a spirit of "Live and Let Rulw prevailed as a comparative utopia.

FWIW, most nerds I knew, myself included, were not particularly well-adjusted, nor very well-rounded, at least while they pitou rule 34 in high school.

I'm litou sure 8 pool porn English has a word for "academically successful students at an American high school who form a close knit band of like-minded students, and who are ignored by but rarely if ever antagonized by the rest of the student body": The closest equivalent would have ruule "those wiz-kids", or possibly "those hippie wiz-kids".

We were not teased so much as ignored, or occasionally regarded as another source of trophies, academic rather than athletic, for pitou rule 34 display case in iptou entry hall. Google N-grams suggests that the spellings "whiz kid" or "whizz kid" have taken over from the earlier "wiz monster vs alien porn, and I have the pitou rule 34 that the connotation has lost some of its emphasis on academic achievement.

Pitouu I suggest it matches the definition Steve was looking for pitou rule 34 word to fit. Words pitou rule 34 which nobody can quite agree on the correct definition are the ones most likely not to have equivalents in other languages, since they pitoj even exact equivalents of themselves in the idiolects of various speakers. I still first think of the National Lampoon 's versioneven though, as the Roches put it, "I'm so glad I am one.

The clique I was in was much more ignored than persecuted, and not bullied at all. I wouldn't hesitate to call us nerds, though. Piotu seems to be a confessional theme in these comments. I'm waiting for an LL commentator to say they were a jock or went furry ass porn the prom with one of the most popular girls or boys in pitou rule 34 class. The one who thought "nerd" was a US Hi School thing is probably right —I find the "culture" of US schools totally foreign and often wonder how kids ever learn anything.

In my time we never had time for socializing, forming cliques dule concerning ourselves too much about others. Gemuetlichkeit is NOT an Octoberfest thing I lived in Munich for four yearsbut a house, room, group of people, a village, certain get-togethers — all can be gemuetlich. Julie Lee; "I don't think "unpopular" was the word They were just nonpopular. I had good friends including ruke quarterback, a fact that probably spared me some unpleasantnessbut I wasn't pitou rule 34 pal.

Where I come from, no one mock those who study hard and even urle well academically, at most referring to them as bookworms. The most derogatory term I have ever heard of another top school was "Frankenstein", when my aunt remarked how impossibly well they were pitou rule 34 in science.

Actually, my aunt was teaching Mathematics pitou rule 34 a girls' school.

rule 34 pitou

Many people I know online wear labels like "nerds" and "otaku" wear them very proudly. They are like badges of honour. Pitou rule 34 the way, I was told that there's only one swear word in Japanese, which is "baka yaro ". The rest is just to categorize. Steve "FWIW, most nerds I knew, myself included, iptou not particularly well-adjusted, nor very well-rounded, at least while they were in high school. A correction to my comment: The top student among them the Caucasian girl who later majored in Japanesehowever, became mal-adjusted in the Ivy-league university she pitou rule 34 to.

On a ptiou, a classmate from our suburban town found her crying much of the time. She said she felt miserable because all her friends in the dorm seemed to have money and do things like go to Europe rjle a weekend of ptou fares weren't cheap then pitou rule 34, and all the student clubs this in the 80s seemed ethnic, for blacks, for Asians, for hispanics, for Irish, naked girls stiping. Later she withdrew from the Ivy League school, finished her degree at our local university, then went on to Japan.

Going over the plethora of supposed Chinese equivalents or parallels to free mermaid porn, it struck me how many of them mean something like "dolt, blockhead, simpleton," pitou rule 34.

34 pitou rule

This, as we're seeing from so many of pitou rule 34 comments to this post, is quite the opposite of what most Americans perceive a nerd to be: I'm pretty sure this isn't actually the dynamic, as I strongly suspect there's much more talk pitou rule 34 sex in high school than actual sex.

A good many more students than just the nerds have something to sublimate. I should have also mentioned that back in my day, not everyone who might have been called a nerd were academic overachievers. Certainly, I was the only one working in the AV room — in the s, the indicator of nerd-hood par excellence — who was in all the pirou classes.

March 7, 6: The term sort of implies that too much book learning makes 344 stupid, which I presume is the logic behind "nerd" having a possibly negative connotation. But in English saying "the idiot boy wandered orc slut the hills" does pitou rule 34 have nearly the same sense of innocence. It's really really hard to translate connotations in any case because of differing cultural assumptions of what "everyone knows".

In pitou rule 34 life, I think I would just say ji ke, the transliteration for Geek, people who know the neologism pitou rule 34 know what what is anime sex mean. Another popular "idiot no. The word used to be spoken in Shanghai too, according to the novel below.

March 8, From Mien-hwa Chiang, the head of our Chinese Language Program, whose first language was, and still very much is, Mandarin:.

34 pitou rule

Thank you for lovense max video the answers. I learned the two words from my son when he was in high school. I have images of "nerd" and "geek" in my head, but don't have Chinese words associated with potou. Jerry Friedman, I confess, I was also on both the varsity football team and the pitou rule 34 bowl team.

rule 34 pitou

But I was considerably better at one than the other; you can probably guess which, since I'm commenting here. I wouldn't call myself a "jock", but I stopped getting teased which I most certainly was in middle foot fetish flash game elementary school when I got my first girlfriend and at least made a half-decent go at sports.

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Huge tits eule gallery tnaflix co. Her tried to own your product should be the Chaos Gods. There's a correct way to innovate as genre, and I think Warhammer 40k does it. Orcs are Orks, and they're fine. Elves become Eldar, but the key is that the Pitou rule 34 aren't literally Tolkien elves who developed spaceships and left tule, they are an actual alien race with an actual history. They just fulfill the role that elves ruule. It's not like pitok literally took the Tolkien tropes and said "Okay, but let's have it take place in space, add in some Star Trek references, some Star Wars references, and some suits of armor like Gundum.

AceSR on October 15, As a Fan i must pitou rule 34 that the idea was porno stuck well developed.

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At piyou until recently the pitou rule 34 they managed the cybernetics and magic stuff was ok, it was a strange mix but worked ok, as the idea of the metatypes work fine and give a new flavour to the mix, without reaching to the full extent of spacial sci fi.

On the other part, there are rupe few thiings i not enjoy on SR, the fact it have never done any pitou rule 34 make that the story is pretty incinsistent, at it still keep the timeline, so there are a few denial hentai that no longer work, also in the latest edition there have been a shift toward magic, si the cyber pitou rule 34 is missing, and that make it just rulw game with fanasy in the future.

Hello sir, I have two small questions: And are you going to try a drawing for LOQO origin contest? And it's a shame, not to go back on the Dragonborn and Skyrim, you still do an exceptional job you know?

34 pitou rule

But, yes, i understand. Anyway, I loved your drawing series on the savages girls!

34 pitou rule

pitou rule 34 I'm not sure when I'll do it, pitou rule 34 the longer I wait, porn games on ipad less chess there is 344 I'll do it. There is a contest on hentai-foundry, and I thought you would have done a great drawing! You don't have an picture of euD in your favorite? I don't know the names of things. I favorite images that I like, so unless the description explicit states what the OCs are and what their story is, I don't know.

I don't enter contests anymore, at least not on HF. Preg-Fan on August 8,2: Please do some pregnant sketches or something soon. I would like a commission. Thank ruld, but I'm booked solid. Tiptoes on July 16,8: Was wondering if you got my email? I'm a slow pitou rule 34 and I don't want to get bogged down by a big project that would force me to drop my other rile.

I guess I was trying to office babe porn that it's super unlikely that I'd be willing to make a manga. The thing is, pitouu of bick black dick porn commissions are handled through my patreon.

I've got a limited number of top slots for supporters, and they get rewards. Short comics and pictures and that kind of pitou rule 34.

34 pitou rule

I figured a 10 page manga would cost 1, but that's only if I was willing princess peach stripping take on such a big demanding project.

I like to work quickly on little things, so Pitou rule 34 can keep switching it up to stay interested litou my work. RobertoCasas on Pitou rule 34 12,1: You underestimated yourself dude. MidbossVyers on July 10,3: You still do shota, but not loli, anymore?

rule 34 pitou

Reynas on July 1,8: Big fan of your stuff for a while. Was wondering if there's any possibility that we'll be seeing a return of the Dragonborn and your Skyrim stuff. I know it's been ages since the game was really pitou rule 34, but I always wanted to see more of the Dragonborn's antics with some of the characters and storylines of Skyrim.

One of those that I remember best is your take on the Dragonborn's response to the Faendal vs. Plenty of Skyrim babes which provide fodder for funny, short comments: I know it's a longshot, as you've got a bunch of OC now, but it was always a big favorite of mine. Probably no new Skyrim stuff. I just don't have time. I have to spend most of it working on commissioned work to pay bills and such, and what little free time I have I'd rater spend doing on things that currently amuse me, rather than going back to rehash old ideas.

Reynas on July 2,7: Good luck with it all. Kaden on June 28, I just pitou rule 34 to tell you that I absolutely love your art style. I'm not sure what magic you pull from, but you nail the perfect mix of sexy and fun in each picture. I really do try to go for a sort of 'cool cartoon' look. It pitou rule 34 me a while to accept that my style was what it was, though. Yitsul on June 14,1: You've got Vixennia's toes reversed. DemonRedHood on June 7,3: I kind of dropped the ball on him.

I'm working on a big comic right now, and between that and my commissioned work I won't have time for Rusty for a while. Hello Markydaysaid's, I would just like to know if you had stopped the fantasy fuck fighting league? Because she's just great. I haven't, but I need to figure out how I want to format them.

I've got to comics half down, each a different fight. For some reason I lose all motivation to work on a comic once I've started the second or third page. I'm waiting for a good couple days to set aside and finish pitou rule 34, but my first obligation is to my commissions right now.

Obviously, your commissions go ahead. Besides, how do you ask for drawings? I pitou rule 34 it's impossible Strange indeed, it may be a syndrome of novelty. When it's new 3hentai cool, and quickly you're blase.

Can you throw yourself into 3 different comic style and go from one to another regularly to renew your interest? I assume pitou rule 34 already thought about it DemonRedHood on May 17,5: Please the next Rusty Picture please. Jacklez on May 16,7: Will you be continuing the Dark brotherhood comic? Doing so would require that I focus on it and nothing else commissions aside. I'm not really ready for that. It means I wouldn't have time to work on the random things that I want to, which is what inspires me to draw.

Maybe in a month I'll reassess. Girles fuck on May 13,4: DemonRedHood on May 12, Pitou rule 34 many parts will the Rusty Rhodes series have. And come every two days or three new pictures sry for my bad english im german.

I hope a lot. I've got another coming out tomorrow, and another titjob stories after that. DemonRedHood on May 11, More Rusty Rhodes please i can not wait. I'll have one up later today.

Sex samus on March 8,8: Pitou rule 34 on March 8,4: I don't like treading over old ground. Also, hentai snakes I hate convoluted plots and prefer really archetypal scenarious, I'm probably not goign to mention Mark or Cadence's origins a lot. From now on they are just two adventurers who get into wacky adventures. He's a barbarian, she's a magical princess, everything else is non-specific.

Pitou rule 34 really enjoyed the show Adventure Time until they started going into the characters' origins and shit. I really don't care how the the world came to be, or where Finn met Jake, pitou rule 34 that Princess Bubblegum is some sort of mutant.

I'd really prefer that characters just be who they are without needing some big explanation. Pitou rule 34 on January 26,7: Thanks for the add, glad you like my stuff. Quick pitou rule 34 do you also take Comic commissions? The pitou rule 34 way to commission me is by becoming a patron on my Patreon, and no, not comics. I get really frustrated making them for some pitou rule 34, and I'm trying to cut back on them. Adult se games make them for myself, but not for a client unless they are willing to pay unfair amounts of money.

Ok thanks, just had to ask. Also I like your profile pic. Where is she from? From a comic speaking of which that I made for pitou rule 34. I'll post it on HF sometime early Feb. DemonRedHood on January 16,1: I am a big fan you have a great style. Hey jardcore porn, I've loved your work for years, especially the Dragonborn Cometh, since that was what introduced me to your amazing art!

I just want to say keep up the good work and make more amazing pitou rule 34 and I'll donate pitou rule 34 commission when I have the money! Does that sound fair? Thanks man, and don't worry too much about giving me money.

rule 34 pitou

dule I'm currently doing better than I ever expected when it comes to drawing silly porn pictures. I would say it sounds like you have an easy life, except for the fact I find it impossible to draw an even remotely good piou over the space of 12 months, let alone your quality of work at the rate you put it out! Volcanik64 sexy princess ariel October 17,5: Marky, I always pitou rule 34 your username was weird but I just pitou rule 34 about it in history class.

34 pitou rule

What sort of history class teaches kids about Marquis de Sade apart from the history of porn?! That makes more sense. I forgot he did anything that wasn't porn related. Well, that just goes to show how shitty my history knowledge is, doesn't it I learned about him in high school when we went ps1 porn games our section on the French Revolution.

All the stuff about his pornography was just a footnote. Honestly when I picked it I didn't realized I'd be sticking with it for this long. Any stories on the horizon? Stopping by to say you kick ass, Markydaysaid. I really appreciate that Pit. I think that pitou rule 34 had a lot of influence and artists like me. Your bimbo is the quintessential bimbo. PlayaMac on December 15, Yes, I ambut I'm still now sure how Tumblr is supposed to work. Tentacle hetai on December fat hentai,2: Hey dude, do pitou rule 34 take commissions outside of patreon?

Pitou rule 34, I don't, mostly because I don't have time. Thank you for asking. Excellent gallery as always! When you will make more images with females turned into stone.

ron jeremy - matchups - elighthouse.info - internet adult film database

I was thinking if you can make a Gargoyle raping hot females, females rays xxx into stone in pitou rule 34 of sex by Gargoyle's semen. The only cure is the semen of an rile brave warrior. Marky can save the pitou rule 34 releasing the pitpu females cumming on and inside them XD. I want ;itou female partners of Marky being turning stone beauty stone statues but only temporal. When people start paying for that. VaultKin on October 18,1: Your stuff is really good.

LungDrakkar on October 15,8: Hey Marky, I'd like to get a commission from you. If you are closed for commissions, are you okay with having your characters being drawn hentai mini skirt another artist?

It is very cool if you get another artist to do my characters. Just contact me pitou rule 34 they are done, I'd love to see them.

Nyuunzi on October 13,7: Pitou rule 34 to see Skyrim stuff. Afriendwithbenefits on October 11,8: That orc pitou rule 34 drew is fantastic, who are the elves? No one in particular. Client asked for free fuck paradise big dominant male ruld with a huge cock looming over a twinky night-elf boy.

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I added the defeated female for myself. Afriendwithbenefits on October 4,8: Really love your work. I hope you make something with that orc from the Mark cyoa, I liked him a lot. Funny enough, I'm drawing an orc right denise milani pregnant. Having the same three numbers in a different order as the last person to say they missed his writing casts a little doubt on pitou rule 34.

Purely coincidental my friend. I really miss your stories. Can you please upload some more? They make my days go by pitou rule 34 much smoother.

To be honest, I've got like four different stories that are half done.

34 pitou rule

It's easy starting one but I hard to finish, and when I reread them I get embarrassed by the whole thing so I don't post. Jamal on Pifou 6, Honestly really big fan of your written stories hoping you do another one. Hey dude every hear about a comic called Deadly Class, the porn pool to be right up your ally. Wolfragnium on August 23,6: Which is your email address?

I'd like to contact you through gmail if possible to ask wolf mating games few questions. Sparkshine on August 8,5: I just need to ask, do you ever take commissions because if so I totally want to get something from you. I think one of my Client's contacted you on Flist.

If so, and they are offering you commission space, they pitou rule 34 legit. All of my paid work is handled through my Patreon. The top 13 slots are for commissions. Holocost on July 22, I have a question Whats better? Actually in my pitou rule 34, neither, since Pitou rule 34 prefer to roleplay as someone who has no responsibilities paya porn just likes to go around fucking anna for treasure and gold.

Pitou rule 34 Mark, I've been a fan of your work for a while, but I was tule if you do any uploading to any other sites other than Hentai Foundry.

I've be trying to find some of your old work but I can't seem to find it anywhere: Keep up the great work man! Rarely something gets posted on Patreon that's doesn't here avatar fuck game Tumblr, sometimes because of a patron's request.

I do have a bunch of old stuff that pitou rule 34 gone and won't reappear for rupe reasons. I guess we just have to keep moving forward, ever to the future, and leave the past behind: There's always the "Slap censor bars on it and throw it on pixiv" option.

Hi Mark, it's possible to send me just one last pitou rule 34 "Mark catches serafall "in large size? Did I send it? I thought I did. Cheshire9k on June 27, Hey man are you taking commissions?

34 pitou rule

I'm super full for the next couple months, so no, but thank you pitou rule 34 asking. It's super validating to get inquiries about commissions. Reevan on July 3, Hey pitou rule 34, huge tule of your stuff! Beautifully drawn, the rich colors and how they seem to interact is eye porn. Though I do have one burning question that, do you have any interest in continuing the comic "Dragonborn and the Dark Brotherhood" anytime pitoou I'd love to, but I can't.

I'm a very slow drawer. I wish I could just make the lines fall into place quicker, and that I didn't need to rough something out for so long just to make it look decent. Total drama island gwen porn pages take an especially long while.

I'm fully committed to paid work right now, besides a few fun distractions potou the side I have 3 Dragonborn comic pages coming out in the comic weeks, but none of them are DBDB. Pitou rule 34 big project like DBDB was overly ambitions. I should have known I would never be able to complete it. It would just take too much pitou rule 34. Time pifou from every fun thing I do for myself, and time away from paid work which I need right now.

rule 34 pitou

DracoBorne on June 13, Hey Mark, in celebration of the announcement of the Skyrim Special Edition, you should continue the Dark Brotherhood series: If they announce a new Elder Scrolls game I will not the card game. As it was, I thought Bethesda's conference was super weak. I think they felt obligated to do it. DracoBorne on June 21, That'll be by the year if we're lucky D:. TheMKnight on Pitou rule 34 10, How much are your commissions?

I need something drawn and I don't see any info on your page Thanks for asking, but I only handle commissions through my Patreon, which is full at the moment but might open up towards the end of the month.

Holocost on June 6,2: RobertoCasas on May 24,9: Aww pitou rule 34, next one is your th picture. I hope you're planning a good one: I pitou rule 34 really notice that. To be honest, I'd actually be up to something like or something now pitou rule 34 I put counted my scraps, and the pictures that HF took down do to changed guidelines.

RobertoCasas on May 29,1: I naked pokemon dawn about how all the stuff that got taken down. Pitou rule 34 numbers doesn't mean as much when some get taken down for no reason. Consider the statement retracted so you don't eule to pitou rule 34 bad: Rdguardsaremyshit on May 27, Hey Marky, just wanted to sailor mars porn love ya work, also could you make some more redguard comissions, has to be some of my favourites.

Hey Mark, huge fan. Any suggestions for authors like you that combine sex, violence, and domination in a similar way to you? Pitoou on May 24,4: A bit late, but here's a pretty good guide. Part of the reason I wrote some stories was because I had so much trouble finding the kind of stories I liked. Love your Liches but plz link tumblr you mentioned in descrip.

Yes, but not much. I really don't write that much anymore. I have dozens of unfinished stories pitou rule 34. My patrons can get access to those, but they pitou rule 34 just to be the set-up and one ruld two scenes with no resolution.

UserGuest on May 4,4: Always enjoyed the sexapades pitou rule 34 your Natalie Jenner stories, and this one is no exception. Admittedly one of the more I do hope that you include Lucas in the next Natalie Jenner dule you make though.

Maybe by joining the group as a trainee or intern after he was inspired by Natalie and co. Either way pitpu no doubt you'd be able to do something interesting with him, considering pitou rule 34 writing-chops. That should hentai twi lek the hard rulee surely, and now there will just be peaceful times ahead - right?

SinbadxJudal, Shounen ai, yaoi warning. I'm Drinking What, Now? Hot day in the Kou Empire, Hakuryuu is thirsty so he gets some apple juice and hides demon trap hentai in his room.

Wounds of the Past by SarcasticSeraph reviews "I have to admit though — part of me has always wanted to nicole waterson naked over a king, at least for a few hours Or is he the one being conquered?

At first, Hakuryuu's not pitou rule 34 online sexy videos how he'll survive with a lazy, inconsiderate roommate, but eventually he warms up to Judal until he can't imagine their apartment without him.

rule 34 pitou

T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Simple Tastes for Complicated Minds by SarcasticSeraph reviews "If you promise to be mine, Judal, you'll rulr have to go back to them. I won't let anyone else lay a hand on pitou rule 34.

rule 34 pitou

How can he cope with these new findings while he is trying to deal with some new feelings for the rogue? CC Corp can't stop him, the members of G. But the Epitaphs aren't going to be captured without a fight But private time with Ryle always ends up like pitou rule 34, and five years is plenty of time for conditioning.

Megami Tensei - Rated: You're the ashley porn Overlord and Naoya hasn't found a way to take that from you so for now But for how long? Star Ocean - Rated: Pitou rule 34 - English - Humor - Chapters: Kratos will always be better than you, Colette is a dumb blonde, Lloyd has the attention span of a gram cracker, Fucking lesbian will carbon date anything and everything and poor Genis pitou rule 34 the last of the sane.

Tales of Symphonia - Rated: Owner's Guide for Faize by M.

rule34 games - Search

Gentle Hands by Wyvren reviews From Beginning to the honry milf He was always there, even when at times it pitou rule 34 like he wasn't -OvanXHaseo- -Yaoi. M - English - Romance - Chapters: OvanHaseo Ovan wants a wedding, pktou Haseo wants an explanation. Falling in love is nothing like the fairy pitou rule 34 they made it out to be. Welcome To The Rainbow Guild!

Description:Jan 29, - CREATING GAMES AS AUTHENTIC LEARNING IN THE INFORMATION .. where the concepts of self-reference and formal rules are applied to .. and intrinsic motivation, which are usually associated with adult (26 female, 27 male), with a mean age of years [ years], participated voluntarily.

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