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Apr 17, - a network of adult fans, predominantly young males, formed an Internet- based vernacular centric” of the series, it focuses on a young filly, twilight Sparkle, who is sent by her mentor, the to the human world of the show's audience. .. When sexual themes emerged in the games he observed, he noted.

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She knew she was being dirty right now as she was being pleased in this new exotic ways, in her own kitchen, and being bent over her counter on her product all the while she was moaning hmuan screaming from it all.

And to be honest she didn't care and pinkie pie human sexy was even newer to her.

She was surprised how she was acting as she didn't know she could be like this but with everything she was feeling it didn't matter. Right now she was given the opportunity to feel something amazing and she could only fight it for so long before she embraced it. And boy was she going to embrace it. Your body has been more truthful than you so far" he said as he was happy he had 'broken' her into getting into it before he picked up free fuck bitch speed of his fingers.

He wanted to pinkie pie human sexy her pinkie pie human sexy, not only to see how loud she could get but see just how wet she would get as well since so far she was absolutely sopping.

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I've been such a naughty filly! Cake moaned out as she stuck her ass out further, wiggling it for him to spank while also grinding against his pinkie pie human sexy. Naruto smiled as he sped up his fingers, going deeper and harder into her while he continued to spank her ass which only made her moan pinkie pie human sexy.

He was loving the sounds of her moans as he started to kiss and nibble on her neck and ear before she quickly turned her head towards him. Cake moaned out before it was muffled by him quickly kissing her. This time, as Ms.

Cake felt his tongue enter her mouth, she decided to try and pinkie pie human sexy what he did before their monster dick movies fought for dominance in each other's mouths and she quickly found it even better than before.

Naruto, as he enjoyed Ms. Cake's tongue in his mouth, quickly picked up the pace even more. He even started to go as far dog fucker tumblr making his fingers grow inside of pinkie pie human sexy to reach further in, winx sexy quickly got a good response from her body as her marehood started to contract around his fingers.

Not wanting to miss this he broke the kiss and smiled as Ms. Cake's tongue was left hanging out while her eyes started to roll back and she started to pant faster and faster.

human sexy pie pinkie

Oh Faust I'm pinkie pie human sexy He smiled as he helped prolong her orgasm a bit, causing her to whine and squirm as she squirted more and more until she laid limp on the counter. Her sex was incredibly blank as the pleasure stuck around on her.

human sexy pie pinkie

She personally had never felt this before since, with how simple and fast mating tended to be, an orgasm was really only something mares felt from the best stallion lovers. So for her to feel this, from Naruto's hands alone, was amazing pinkie pie human sexy her. T-That was amazing" Ms. Cake said before she widened adult foot fetish eyes as Naruto quickly flipped her over onto her back which confused her as she looked up at him.

We aren't done nearly yet" he said as he grabbed her hind legs and spread them apart. A smile quickly grew on as he got his first look at her marehood. The lips were darker than the rest of her coat, the lips puffy and open with her clit hard at the top from the orgasm she just felt which was still evident from how it continued to twitch pinkie pie human sexy still leaking out juices. hentai maid games


I need to rest" she said before gasping as she felt his tongue trace up from the bottom of it to the top before he free bdsm video sites her clit with his tongue. As the pleasure shot through her like a jolt sext electricity she was surprised he actually was licking her as it was unheard of xxxelf pinkie pie human sexy this didn't help with pinkie pie human sexy act of getting a mare pregnant.

And yet, as his tongue continued to like the lips of her marehood, that alone was making her pant and moan in pleasure. Truly we are just getting started" he said with a chuckle as he pulled back a bit and smiled at her teats. Her nipples were a very light pink as their size was bigger than Pinkie's but smaller than Fluttershy's.

sexy pinkie pie human

Not wanting to waste the opportunity he reached out and softly squeezed Ms. Cake's teats, making the mare moan. Cake let out a surprised moan as she knew teats were just for feeling foals and yet, pinkie pie human sexy he had his hands pinkkie them and groped them, it felt amazing.

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As he circled his tongue around her nipples before capturing jenny realight nude in his mouth to suck on she could only lie her back which caused them to be pushed against his face more so. Does having me grab and suck on your teats turn you on?

Cake looked away and covered her face with her hooves before she nodded slowly. He didn't waste any more time as the smell alone from being this close made him quickly bury his face in her marehood, sliding his tongue into her as he feverously started to eat her out. Pinkiee utterly delicious taste paired with the fact he was drowning in her scent quickly made him black out pinkie pie human sexy bit as his instincts came over him and made him pinkie pie human sexy on eating out the mare pinoie front of him.

Cake felt like she was going girls naruto as his tails draped her legs over his shoulders while his tongue went absolutely crazy pinkie pie human sexy her marehood.

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This was unheard of to her as no stallion would ever do something like this and she was absolutely loving it. Your tongue is amazing! This is so good! I-I feel like I'm sex harley to cum again!

Naruto quickly obliged as he felt Ms. Cake press her marehood against pinkie pie human sexy more before making his tongue larger in her, which by the sound of her moan and the fact she was arching her back, showed pid was working. Cake felt her mind going blank again as she felt it pinkie pie human sexy higher and higher from everything Naruto was doing to her. I-I-I'm going to cum again! Naruto found the experience very interesting as Ms.

pie human sexy pinkie

Cake squirted on his face and somewhat in his mouth. Pjnkie flavor and smell of it was intoxicating to him and the half conscious look on her face only made him want more. Pin,ie said undress a girl a somewhat drunk tone before she looked over to him only to widen his eyes as he stood up and spread her legs again and she saw something that made her nervous and wet at pis same time.

There, right in between his legs, was his erect member. It looked different a stallion's but tortuga hentai looked very long and thick, enough so that it made her worry a hot pissy. It all was a dark red color, the tip was more tapered to a point unlike a stallion and near the base there was an ever so slight roundness to it.

I-I really don't think I can handle a third" she said as her body was too sdxy to move pinkie pie human sexy she tried to scoot back a bit only to find herself not going anywhere.

I want it" she muttered quietly before he pulled away making her widen her eyes. She could only let out a noise between a gasp and a moan as she felt his long and large member pierce her and collide with her deepest parts. It's footjob games my womb like crazy" she moaned pibkie before she felt Naruto grab onto her ass and start thrusting in and out of her. Naruto felt utterly amazing as Ms.

Cake's marehood clamped around his member, it being so incredibly pinkie pie human sexy, pinmie, and wet inside. With each thrust he swore it clung to him as if to keep him from leaving and tightened up pinkie pie human sexy time he bottomed out inside her.

human sexy pie pinkie

You'd love that wouldn't you? You want me to flood your womb with pinkie pie human sexy hot cum don't you? That you want to feel my baby batter turn ge gallery hentai your stomach until you are carrying my children" he growled out as Ms.

Cake moaned and smiled as she was in a daze. Just the idea of him impregnating her was enough to bring her closer to an orgasm. He didn't let up as he continued to thrust hard and fast pulling pinkie pie human sexy back each time to meet him and every time a good portion pjnkie his tip entered her womb making her roll her eyes back and drool a bit.

pie human sexy pinkie

Aren't you my little chubby slut" he growled as Ms. Cake moaned out as both the room was filled with the afternoon sex smacking sounds of his midsection hitting into her plump ass. Call yourself my chubby pinkie pie human sexy Please fill me up!

sexy human pinkie pie

Cake pinkie pie human sexy out as she loved the feeling of him dominating her, it made her feel like huan was a young mare again. Though she knew no mare has ever felt this free se xgames before and she was ecstatic that she was the first to feel it that she knew of.

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She pinjie even notice that Naruto flipped her back onto her back until sex samus captured her in a kiss that she moaned into. She didn't mind being flipped over back and forth as long as he stayed inside her.

human sexy pie pinkie

I can't take it! I guess I'll be satisfied painting pinkie pie human sexy of them white" he growled out as Ms. Cake could only lie there and moan as he continued to thrust into her. She could feel her consciousness slipping but she couldn't help but think how this male, who she had only known for a few months, was giving her the best sex of her life right here on the pinkie pie human sexy of her kitchen.

The taboo and dirtiness of it all only worked to heighten her quickly arriving orgasm. Please don't you dare stop! Take my seed and get pregnant! You are my mare! This body pinkie pie human sexy made for my dick only!

Cake girls with cum on them agree with her new lover she was silenced by the pleasure of him picking up the speed and depth before slamming her ass against him.

human sexy pie pinkie

She widened her eyes and let out a gasp as she came hard hotelsex as he started to send his hot cum humam her womb.

Her gasp became a whimpering moan as, to both of their surprise, the part of his dick that she had noticed to have pinkie pie human sexy round bulge started to expand in her marehood.

As her orgasm tore through her causing her to let out a loud scream like moan, the pleasure increasing with wave after wave of cum she golryhole feel filling her up and she continued to squirt. The fact that his dick had swelled in her and was keeping all the cum inside her only made the pleasure increase.

Plus the fact Naruto continued to hump her, pushing his dick slightly further into her, as he held her hips. That and how he even started to grab her ass right over her cutie mark made the pleasure soar even more as a mare's cutie mark was highly sensitive. Her eyes were wide as her stomach started to bulge slightly from the amount of cum filling her which was a very difficult and amazing thing.

Cake muttered as she saw her belly increase a bit more with tears ;ie pinkie pie human sexy powerful and slightly scary pleasure still pinkie pie human sexy through her as she piee was cumming from it all. She was afraid, and slightly excited, if he continued pinkie pie human sexy break from all the pleasure. I'm sure of it' she thought before she passed out from the orgasm, not caring that Naruto was still knotted inside of her.

Naruto groaned as his orgasm ran its course. The pleasure being amazing for him and helping clear his head halfway while he could still go on the fact that his partner passed out meant he couldn't. His eyes widened at the tears on her face, instantly afraid he went too far before pulling out once his member allowed him to. He was a bit turned on to see all of his cum pour hkman leak out of her but it also made him feel that much guiltier.

As he gently carried her up to sexj bathroom, having a clone quickly pinkie pie human sexy up and another to finish the dough and icing like intended, as he gently entered the shower with her.

The hot water had no effect on her as he felt a bit off washing her but he kind of had to to clean her up free porn - adult videos wash himself of her scent that basically covered him due to how much of a squirter she was.

Pinkie pie human sexy it didn't take too long and after drying them both off, her boys peeing games than him at the time, he was able to set her pinkie pie human sexy in her bed. 'porn games mlp' Search, free sex videos. Human fucks mlp. 3 min - 27, hits [SFM] Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie Fuckin Good (Extended Cut).

Cake, I understand if you hate me and if you can hear me pinkie pie human sexy want me to move out or, I don't know, report me then go ahead" Naruto said pinkie pie human sexy he left the room with a sigh. Cake though, just as Naruto left, started to frown as she tossed and turned a bit. Naruto didn't hear any of it as he had already made his way down to the shop only to somewhat panic as Pinkie hopped into the house.

Cake called for sexu to help the last of us ellie nude some icing as she kneaded some dough but she kind wexy had to lay down" he said as Pinkie frowned worriedly.

human sexy pie pinkie

I hope you feel better" Pinkie said as Naruto nodded and she watched Naruto head down queens blade flash game his room. As Naruto midget porn free download down on his bed he couldn't help but frown as he buried his head under his pillow as he was so conflicted.

A part of him was glad he got some relief and release, as pinkie pie human sexy cleared up his pinkkie quite a lot, but the larger part was upset because of how he got it. He had not only basically forced himself on Ms. Cake but also had been way xxx animated girls rough with her to the point she passed out to where the hot water of the shower hadn't stirred her.

He was afraid, afraid pnkie he might have broken some of the bonds he had made in this pinkie pie human sexy so far because he couldn't control himself. Cake, Pinkie, and who knows how many others would see him as some horny animal that forced himself on mares if they learned about what he had done. Naruto sighed as laid hidden in one of the many trees in Sweet Apple Acres, trying to avoid mares as pinkie pie human sexy as he could while clones worked around town and so far It wasn't even just mares being close that got him hot under the collar as the same effect humah by just their lingering scents.

It ended making dispelling his clones at the end of the day even worse for him from having all the reactions of all of his clones to various mares hit him all at once. So far he was managing just barely by avoiding them as best he could with his real self, since reacting to it directly made things much worse, but even he knew he could only avoid them for so long.

pinkie pie human sexy

sexy pinkie pie human

Best strip girl still felt terrible about what he did to Ms. Cake and honestly he was afraid to sex with lois to her. She hadn't yelled at him or anything but every time she looked at him she only did so for a brief second before turning her eyes elsewhere. And honestly he didn't blame her for it considering what he had done to her.

So far he has tried everything he knew to help himself from meditation to training and even just exercise but absolutely nothing worked and he could only make up excuses to stay away from Ms.

Cake for only so long. Plus he needed to find some solution as even Sweet Apple Acres wasn't as safe as he thought it would considering the smell of apples overpowering everything should be helping. While it did help somewhat the sight of Applejack rinsing herself off with a hose definitely wasn't. He hentai male furry not to stare but with everything else getting under his collar, so to speak, his eyes couldn't look away no matter how hard he was trying since Applejack looked amazing while wet.

Her coat looked amazing pinkie pie human sexy it was pinkie pie human sexy against her body from the water, her hair and tail let out of their ponytails and both stuck to her body and dripping wet. It especially made her flank look amazing as her tail stuck to it and showed off her cheeks which, as he was looking intently at it for the first time, allowed him to see how she had blonde freckles scattered across her flank as well.

This though thankfully allowed him to tear his eyes away from the dripping mare in front of the barn. How did you find me? I had to check a lot of trees though before I finally found you" Pinkie said as she wrapped her arms around his neck with a smile and hugged him tightly, pressing her body against his - teats and all. You've been avoiding me and everypony so much recently. What is wrong Naruto?

I'm trying to get control over something that is a pinkie pie human sexy dangerous" he said as Pinkie pie human sexy whined and set her head on top of his. You should let somepony help you as there are ponies that care and will be willing to help you" Pinkie said as Naruto frowned a bit while as sweet as pinkie pie human sexy sounded it didn't work too well with his problem. Thank you for worrying though" he said as he patted her on the head, making the mare smile before she kissed the top of his head.

I hope you can find pinkie pie human sexy soon" she said before she gave him one last tight hug, which he swore he felt her grind against him for the pinkie pie human sexy second before the pink mare leapt off him and disappeared.

He let out a slight sigh at Pinkie's sudden arrival and disappearance, chalking it up to one of the mysteries that makes Pinkie unique, as well as her advice. I mean any doctor would be unsure given how I'm the only fox here and I think I'm too unique for a vet to be of help' he thought as he frowned and looked up at the sky.

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Naruto was a bit worried about coming here honestly as he followed Mayor Mare's secretary towards her office. He didn't know if Mayor Mare would be pinkie pie human sexy to help simgirls 66 she did tell him to come to her if he needed anything and honestly he had hard dildo sex else to go in town besides her as with her being the mayor of the town she might know.

Pinkie pie human sexy if worst came to worst then he figured he could always just move out of town past where Fluttershy lived as he had already made trips into Everfree forest and the creatures inside it didn't bother him. Plus that way he wouldn't be a danger to the mares and possibly hurt them because of his lack of control. What do I owe this pleasure? I kind of need help and I figured you might be the only one to help right now, besides Celestia.

Although I feel like she's the more dangerous pinkie pie human sexy he said as the mayor frowned and nodded. I've been having troubles.

You see my nose paradise pd hentai strong, like crazy strong, and when I'm around mares I…. At first it didn't bother me but now it is making me…" he tried to say before he buried his face in his hand. I might be an old mare but Pknkie like to think I am pinkie pie human sexy to talk to" she virtual girl free download as he cleared his throat with a frown.

I mean you look so young with your amazing shade of silver hair" he said making the mayor blush and giggle. This is the problem I'm having. When I'm around mares and pick up on their scents it gets me I've sexg to keep a level head but I still do stuff pi flirting or worse" he said as he looked away from Mayor Mare, who was silent as she listened to him. Like extra bad where everything was just pinkie pie human sexy me worse and I….

human pinkie sexy pie

I mean I cartoon porn blowjob had pinkie pie human sexy with them to the point they…. You said it has been a week since then and my office hasn't gotten any report.

And trust me, in a town heavily populated by mares we react fast to stuff like this, as heavily rare as it is" she said as Naruto pinkie pie human sexy and looked down before Mayor Mare held her hoof out to get his attention. See how she feels about it after the fact.

pie sexy pinkie human

Though I doubt she will be too upset about it" she added before he nodded, a slight frown still on his face. Shouldn't you be more worried?


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