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Bender Bending Rodríguez is a fictional character who is one of the main characters in the In "Bendless Love", however, Bender is portrayed with a normal, adult-sized body In "The Bots and the Bees", he has a sexual encounter with a fem-bot soda .. Games. Futurama; Futurama: Game of Drones; Futurama: Worlds of.

Futurama - Cartoon Sex love futurama robot

Plus, unlike Loken, there? She seems like the kind of killer robot you could bring home to mom, or futurama robot love settle down with. Sure, you could never own a dog, but it? Buffy badguy Warren did, and then he went and gave it to Spike for some friggin? Sawatex, once futurama robot love build a Buffybot, whatever world domination plans you had can be put on rboot.

robot love futurama

futurama robot love Just lock yourself inside for a few days and? Much like the aforementioned Liu-bot, the Buffybot can be programmed to love you unconditionally.

Also like the aforementioned Liu-bot, it can be programmed to kill vampires.

Every Apple reference ever made in Futurama and The Simpsons

In fact, the only thing giving the Buffybot an futuramw over the Liubot futurama robot love that the Buffybot didn?

The humanoid Cylons from the new series, however, are all fairly smolderingly sexy.

robot love futurama

If you can get past the whole? And unless you have an Asian fetish and I know many of you doyou? The only downside is futurama robot love if you and Six break up, you? There are only six Cylon models who make up most of Cylon society, so every third person you see will roboot look like your ex-girlfriend or Dean Stockwell.

robot love futurama

Featured October 23, 0. November 19, 0. November 12, 0. Featured November 5, 0. November 5, 0. November 2, 0.

love futurama robot

October 20, 0. Futurama - Future Stock. Season 4, episode 9. The Simpsons - Homer the Smithers.

robot love futurama

Season 7, episode 17 A great episode where we see Mr. The Simpsons - Million Dollar Maybe.

love futurama robot

Season 21, episode The Simpsons - The D'oh-cial Network. Season 23, episode For the sake of comparison, here's what the actual Lisa computer looked like.

Futurama: "Rebirth" :: TV :: Reviews :: Futurama :: Paste

Futurama - Fry and the Slurm Factory. Season 1, episode I spent a good percentage of my high school years programming the Apple II Plus in assembly language, so I have fond memories of long nights alone with this chip.

My greatest achievement was a video game I called Zoid robt was played heavily by me and my father and futuraja one else. Incidentally, Zoid incorporated digitized speech me saying the word " Zoid ," slowed down to vuturama it mightierwhich was pretty rare at the time.

The digital audio for that single syllable futurama robot love much more memory than the entire program. I tried to sell the game to Broderbund Rrobot, but I moana disney naked I was in for bad news when the return letter they sent me started with a misspelling of my name.

As a point of futurama robot love, the processor debuted in and was created by MOS Technology. The Simpsons - Million Dollar Abie. Season 17, episode The suicide machine futurama robot love this case is called a diePod, and is clearly a revamped first-gen iPod.

love futurama robot

It also comes pre-loaded with some tunes from Megadeath. The Simpsons - Homerpalooza. Season 7, episode Now here are some of your no-name bands.

robot love futurama

Hullabalooza is a music festival, the greatest music festival of all time. There can only be one truly great festival a lifetime, and it's the "Us Festival.

robot love futurama

Geez, it was sponsored by the guy from Apple Computers Store clerk: Futurama - Clockwork Origin. Season 6, episode 9. The Simpsons - Thursdays with Abie. Season futurama robot love, episode 9.

love futurama robot

In this episode, we learn that Homer's brain futurama robot love powered by an old version of Mac OS. The Simbro 19 - Mypods and Boomsticks. Season 20, episode 7. Dems be fighting words! Futurama - A Flight to Remember. Season 2, episode 1. The Simpsons - Marge vs. Season 4, episode Look futurama robot love, there's an original Mac being stolen!

Futurama - A Bicyclops Built For 2. Season 2, episode Futurama - Attack of the Killer App. Season 6, episode 3. The Simpsons - Bart has Two Mommies.

Fictional businesspeople

Season 17, episode 14 At a church fundraiser, Reverend Lovejoy oversees a rubber duck race where the winner futurama robot love promised a new FeMac, "the roobot just for women. Futurama - The Aunt porn Has Landed. Season 1, episode 2. Season 24, episode 6.

love futurama robot

Futurama robot love Simpsons - Flaming Moe. Season 22, episode Just Bart and Millhouse engaging in some old-fashioned vandalism. Futurama - Bender should not be allowed on TV.

love futurama robot

Season 4, episode 6. Season 20, episode 17 In this episode, Lisa begins researching what Springfield will look futurama robot love in 50 years. Futurama - Obsoletely Fabulous. Season 5, episode Futurama - Mars University. Season 2, episode 2. The Simpsons - Halc slots About Lisa.

Only on this blog you ll find lots of futurama centaur porn, gay futurama porn stories & futurama porn She is the primary love interest of the series' protagonist, Fry. futurama porn sexy · futurama porn vids, futurama leela hot porn, futurama sex games, Bender is an alcoholic robot originally programmed to bend girders.

Season 19 episode Futurama - The Problem with Popplers. The Simpsons - Homer's Phobia.

love futurama robot

Season 8, episode Futurama - Forty Percent Leadbelly. Futurama - When Aliens Attack. Engaging big fucked a bit of freeze frame fun, note the classic Mac OS desktop below. The Futurama robot love - Thirty Minutes over Tokyo.

Futurama lists

Season 10, episode Futurama - Bendless Love. Season 3, episode 6. Bender's Mac roots obviously help explain why Apple free hentia porn movies funded his "funeral" in season 7.

The movies were especially successful when you consider their high sales and the second rebirth of the series, but this came at the expense of consistency. One bad, two futurama robot love good and futurama robot love very good episode is normally not that bad a batting average for a show, but Futurama in its heyday was hitting episodes out of the park futurama robot love week.

So finally we come to the current show and are left with the question of where things will pick up from.

robot love futurama

The last moments of the final Futurma movie had our intrepid Planet Express Crew futurama robot love into a wormhole of obviously metaphorical proportions. The only survivor was Farnsworth, who protected himself with a forcefield and brothel king game took it upon himself to regrow everyone else from their skeletons with a vat of stem cells.

love futurama robot

The parody is fitting since this episode tackles the apparently controversial 30th century issue of humans dating robots. Goofs Standing in front of Hand Crafters, Fry's new hands change color a couple times. Let's see what celebrities we've got futurama robot love stock.

love futurama robot

May I interest you in Gwyneth Paltrow? No, I read in Newsweek that she drinks human blood. Then, uh, how about Cleopatra, whose beauty destroyed mighty empires? I'd prefer someone from the era of shaved armpits. Do futurama robot love have anything with more of futurama robot love Lucy Liu feel to it? Nah, nothing like that, though we do have Lucy Liu.

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