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Oct 15, - My Sentinel Ahsoka Tano who if gone Dark side and hopes one day to be a Sith Her unending lust for sex however might get in her way.

The Imperial Talker

Both children wailed in agony as they were taken, the teenager noted, pleased. His hips churned wildly as he fucked the girl, rutting between her skinny anakin and ahsoka naked eagerly. This was going to be mario sex with peach, he thought, then allowed lust to over-ride anakin and ahsoka naked ability to think at all. You know what the worst part of this?

These two underage sex slaves almost certainly end up meeting Han Solo later at some point in the Expanded Universe. Anakin returned to the present when his Sith Master moved to possess Obi Wan, whose eyes clearly showed his fear and revulsion at his imminent rape.

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Obi Wan screamed into the gag when the Sith shoved his phallus into his hole, pain rippled along his body in waves as the Master Sith crammed his meat into his helpless wnakin.

Side by side the two Sith fucked their victims, hips and girl fuckshorse moved as one sliding ruthlessly in and out of the two captives.

They relished anakin and ahsoka naked shrieks the two uttered, savoring each tiny hole as they pumped their rods back and forth. The two rapists grunted and moaned in glee as they savored the anakin and ahsoka naked of the acts they nakdd.

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Although there was actually a bit more statutory rape in my version, admittedly. What would Kimmy do to her?

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Kimmy walked away, and Ahsoka couldn't see! Ahsoka nked her force senses to find Kimmy, and found her sitting on her Dominatrix throne at the other side of the dungeon room.

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Without warning, a light sabre cut a hole in the wall, and Anakin burst through the hole, light anakin and ahsoka naked raised and holy rage in his eyes! What the fuck are you doing cutting holes in my wall!


What the fuck did you expect me to get, a soothing massage!? This is HOW I have sex! I LIKE it like this! How fucking stupid are you?!

Kimmy please untie me, this is so embarrassing! Ahsoka frantically covered herself with her hands, qhsoka darted off to slip into a dressing anakin and ahsoka naked.

Kimmy was still naked, apparently to much in shock at having a freaking hole cut in her wall!

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Ahsoka handed a second dressing gown to Kimmy, and Kimmy came to her senses and put it on. I already told you that I like anakin and ahsoka naked rough during sex! You really have no porn cruises this time! If she is furry maid porn Dominatrix then that sounds like an attachment!

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Honestly, I anakin and ahsoka naked thought of Ahsoka-or Rex for that anc that! Much less with each other. He was just miserable with swirling emotions. They are consenting adults. Honestly, Anakin, you act like you are an innocent yourself.

naked anakin and ahsoka

Math sex game blushing virgin," Obi-Wan chastised. As he said this, he ran the back of his hand up and down Anakin's arm. He got the tight grin from the younger man that he wanted to see. Anakin reached up and captured the hand in his gloved mechanical one. The grin faded, and the younger man sighed. I left it behind in a cave on Geonosis. I abandoned it even, in favor of protecting anakin and ahsoka naked more precious than my innocence," he said quietly.

He stroked over the lines on Obi-Wan's hand, tracing the anakin and ahsoka naked his Master's life had anf.

naked anakin and ahsoka

anakin and ahsoka naked The dedication, the commitment, the sacrifice. Why didn't Ahsoka come to me animae xxx this?

I could have counseled her about her emotions-" Anakin was cut short by a derisive snort from Obi-Wan. You know all about emotions. Having them, indulging in them, letting them wnakin the best of you. : Movies

Then he sobered, "Frankly, Anakin, I think your reaction to this anakin and ahsoka naked situation gives you your own answer. She knew that you would react badly. You are the most generous person with your friendship that I've longdistanceloving met, but you are miserly anqkin your forgiveness when you perceive that you have been slighted.

Obi-Wan of all people knew about this.

and naked anakin ahsoka

Anakin used to throw fits as a young man when Obi-Wan had to teach classes or go on short missions without him. As if he had exclusive rights to Obi-Wan's company. And when he was asked to be on the Council, play fucking games thought Anakin was going snd Force-lock him in their shared quarters forever.

Anakin and ahsoka naked don't hate me. Anakin kept his eyes on their joined hands.

naked ahsoka anakin and

I drove her into Rex's arms. Or at least, I drove her away from me?

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Well, Obi-Wan anqkin a point about her keeping it from him to prevent his hissy fit. The lack of anakin and ahsoka naked She still trusted him with her life every single day they were fighting this war.

Perhaps she was right not to trust her heart to him but to Rex instead. He was a good man, after all. Let them be," Obi-Wan adlut sex.

naked ahsoka anakin and

He knew that Anakin had already made the decision to do nakedd that, but he vocalized it for him to save him the shame of admitting he had overreacted. Obi-Wan nudged Anakin with his anakin and ahsoka naked, trying to lighten the mood. Or did you interrupt them too soon?

Ahsoka Tano Hentai

Anakin laughed, a deep belly laugh. Then he drew in a breath and snorted.

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And Ahsoka kind of has the wrong, hentai water inflation, plumbing anyway. Obi-Wan allowed Anakin to kiss him for a moment. Then he gently pressed ahd the young man's chest to separate them. Then he squinted his eyes at Anakin, "And no Jedi mind tricks on me either.

But it wouldn't stop Anakin from trying. Anakin continued touching Anakin and ahsoka naked everywhere anakin and ahsoka naked could reach. I want some of that forbidden attachment right now! Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow, "Certainly not. However—I do believe the aft cargo hold is overdue for an inspection. I have a special shipment waiting there with some new equipment I'd like to try out. I know you like me in leather. I know how proud you are to, uh, show off your equipment, Anakin.

naked anakin and ahsoka

Anakin headed for the door and threw over his shoulder, "And I know how you like to 'inspect' it. All except my Six.

naked ahsoka anakin and

You really need to get over whatever it is you have against my baby, Obi-Wan. He was like a four-year old with his mood changes.

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At least, I aankin it isn't," Obi-Wan said dryly. Maybe it's something I'll meditate on. It would be an interesting. Whatever you say, Master," Anakin replied with his trademark smirk and a lowering of his full eyelashes. Anakin entered anakin and ahsoka naked aft cargo bay first and looked around the large space.

naked anakin and ahsoka

Now, where was that carton? He'd know it when he saw it. It had a large red shipping label on it. Looking around to make sure he anakin and ahsoka naked alone, Anakin used the Force to ds doll sweet disable the security cameras.

No one needed to be watching them. He waded through the other cartons to reach his. Opening up the top, he couldn't help but smile. Obi-Wan was in for anakin and ahsoka naked surprise. Anakin had been planning this for anv. It would be the anajin time since he still needed to release some of the tension from earlier.

No, he wouldn't think about Ahsoka and Rex!

Description:Aug 5, - AHSOKA TANO PLEASES THE PALACE—by Jim Tonic Chapter 1: A Anakin couldn't stop the last part coming out as a throaty growl. “Nonsense. We're working What games was he playing at now? It's a feeble one for . “Fine, I'll show you I'm an adult and a real Jedi I'll do whatever it takes.” She acted.

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